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Best team for Pokemon Brilliant diamond and Shinning pearl!


Pokemon Brilliant diamond and Shinning pearl are just around the corner. And the Sinnoh stans have already started creating their dream team for their playthrough! As we already know the Sinnoh Dex, we can make the team as well, so if you were feeling left out, here’s one of the best teams that’ll help you beat the game quickly but also in style!

6. Infernape

Undeniably the best Fire-type Pokemon in the Sinnoh region and probably the best fighting type as well. Plus he’s a cool-looking Pokemon! With such a strong Pokemon on your side from the start, you ought to beta the game with ease!

5. Staraptor

After the best fire type, we have the best flying type in the region, Staraptor! The bird can be caught really early, so you get a reliable partner throughout the journey. Plus, it can learn close combat, which helps out a lot!

4. Luxray

Just like the first two Pokemon, you can get this Pokemon n the beginning of the game as well. The Pokemon is the electric type from Sinnoh, so you shouldn’t have a hard time training it!

3. Floatzel

The best water type in Sinnoh is Floatzel, some may go with gastradon, and you can as well if you like snails. No, seriously, gastradon is ridiculously slow compared to the lightning-fast Floatzel.

2. Garchomp

Garchomp is an overpowered beast that can be caught really early in the game. It’s a Psuedo Legendary; what else do you want to know?

1. Lucario

Though it is available very late in the game, Lucario is worth the wait; with such a cool-looking Pokemon in your team that also packs a punch, there’s no way you’re losing to Cynthia. The game should be easygoing if you get this team!

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