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Catching Arceus will be the climax of Pokemon Legends: Arceus + insane new leaks

The last month was crazy as we got to play Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for the first time. Many have already completed the games, props to them!

But the 25th-anniversary celebrations are still ongoing, as we have yet to receive Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the crown jewel of the announcements. Pokemon BDSP were remakes, but Legends is going to be a brand new game, and we, the Poke fans, are incredibly excited for it!

Pokedex and Arceus

We’ve got a lot of leaks from Riddler in the past that turned out to be accurate. Hence the leaker is very reputable, and the sources they take news from are also credible. The Twitter account, which goes by the name, Riddler Khu has caused a stir in the Pokemon community by leaking even more info.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game about completing the Pokedex. The final thing to do will be ot catch the God, Arceus himself, inside the game. But reaching that point will be really hard, and this will be the longest Pokemon main series game ever created!

New Pokemon forms confirmed?

Apart from Riddler Khu, we also have a new Twitter account that has been leaking stuff over the recent months, and all of them are accurate! So this person has connections inside the industry. 

A recent post from this account, KurageMafuyu, shows the new Pokemon we will be getting. The list has 7 new evolutions and 17 new hisuian forms of Pokemon already. This also ties into the old leak confirming Goodra Hisuian Form!

Read about it here - Goodra Hisuian Form Confirmed? 

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