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How to get any shiny starter in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have just been released, and we can’t be any more excited than we are! The game looks absolutely stunning, and Pokemon kept their word of keeping the games faithful to the source material as the games are a better version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl!

The game is pretty much the same, with the same starters. Many players have already started their journey in Sinnoh. Still, many want to begin the journey on a high note by getting a shiny starter!

Soft reset

To get a shiny, you’ll basically have to replay the same scenario again and again until you get lucky and get a shiny; this can be any starter, Piplup, Turtwig, or Chimchar. First, we have to go to the options inside the game and turn off autosave.

This will ensure that the game doesn’t get saved automatically; this isn’t what we want. Also, while you’re there, increase the text speed to the maximum so that you can skip through the dialogue faster.

Shiny starters in Pokemon Brilliant and Shining Pearl

Once you’ve done all the things mentioned above, start with your game. Follow the story until you reach the entrance to the grassy path where dawn and the professor quill be standing. Watch some youtube videos to get some context if this is your first time.

Here, save the game manually, then enter the grassy patch. The starly will attack you, and the briefcase will open, choose the starter of your choice and throw it; if the starter turns out to be shiny, great!

If not, close the game, restart it, and you’ll be at the same place where you saved, at the entrance to the grassy patch. Repeat this until you get the shiny!

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