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Pokemon Generation 9 might be announced on February 27th!

Pokemon just released two games in a short duration of time, Pokemon BDSP, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Both these games are sort of like side projects to Gamefreak. In fact, Pokemon BDSP wasn't even developed by GameFreak, they just outsourced the production to some other company.

As we’ve already gotten two games, one of which is a totally new title, and much more ambitious than the past Pokemon games, many are wondering, are we getting a gen 9 game in 2022 or not? Let’s see the evidence supporting a 2022 release


The Pokemon Company has released main series games three years apart from each other for more than a decade now. As the 8th generation, Sword and Shield were released in 2019, the three-year gap has been met already, and we should’ve gotten an announcement by now.

The 9th generation games can be announced on 27th February on the occasion of Pokemon day. The Pokemon Day Celebrations are a big deal for Pokemon, and they might want to utilize this time for getting a new announcement out when there are a lot of eyeballs pointed at them.


The release of Legends: Arceus has led many fans to believe that the company won’t release the 9th generation very soon. As most of their team was working on Legends. But you have to understand, Gamefreak is not a small studio, they have a lot of employees who can develop two games simultaneously.

As we know Pokemon games aren’t the most complex ones out there, so Gamefreak can easily manage to have a side project whilst working on the main game.

Junichi Masuda

Junichi Masuda is known to lead the development of main series games. Get this, he didn’t work or Pokemon BDSP, nor on Pokemon Legends. What was he doing all this time then? It’s simple, he is working on the 9th generation games!

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