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Pokemon Legends: Arceus latest leaks from the Riddler Khu summarized!

The Twitter handle @riddler_Khu has been making a lot of noise since the Pokemon legends: Arceus game was announced. He is notoriously known for leaking official Pokemon information to the masses. And so far, every single leak from this guy has come true. So when he says something on Twitter, you best believe him.

We’re only a month away from the release of the game, and hence the number of leaks has increased exponentially, so if you don’t want to get spoiled for the match, now is your chance just to back off from this post.

You’re still here, then it must mean you don’t care about spoilers, so let’s get into it!

Summary of leaks 

  • The Hisui Pokedex should be completed to catch the main Pokemon in the game, i.e., Arceus
  • A new stat system has been implemented in the game
  • The Pokemon will have no abilities, held items, and breeding isn’t a feature in the game. And this makes sense as the game is mainly focused on exploring and crafting stuff.
  • The stats can be increased using candies like in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.
  • The legendary Pokemon battles will be similar to boss battles in any other game; it will be unlike the static fights in older Pokemon games.
  • The battle system is totally different now, the Pokemon will come to attack you in a boss battle, and we’ve already seen a hint of this in the trailers released by Pokemon.

  • The game will be challenging for those who don’t play many fighting or RPG games.
  • Some Pokemon will like to stay as far as possible from you, making it hard for you to catch them, which is the game’s primary goal, it seems like.
  • The game isn’t open world, similar to the wild areas in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the game will have wild areas, but these areas will be a lot larger!
  • The mention of All-mighty Sinnoh in the recent trailer is about the legendary Pokemon Dialga, unlike and Palkia; hence their clan names are Diamond and Pearl

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