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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters Most Probable Evolutions!

Pokemon recently announced the 9th generation of Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet. The game is most probably set in the European Peninsular region in the west. If you want to know more about the game and everything that has been revealed until this point, read this - Everything we know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

In this article, however, we will shed some light on the starters, who they are, and see what they might evolve into. So let’s get into it.


Sprigatito is an attention-seeking Pokemon, very similar to a feline in the real world. It is a grass-type Pokemon and can Overgrow.

As it is an attention-seeking cat and the game is probably taking place in Spain, many have speculated that it might evolve into some musketeer cat. This illustration by Twitter user RC_Chuang has nailed the design!


Fuecoco is a fiery crocodile and is known to have a laid-back attitude. Its ability is called blaze, and many suspect it might evolve into the first dragon-type starter.

This concept art by DeviantArt user Gela has been doing the rounds on the internet


And last but not the least, Quaxly, the water-type bird Pokemon known for being tidy and earnest. The design of this Pokemon indeed reminds us of pirates and the navy. Most suspect that the Pokemon might turn out to be a pirate.

Here’s some concept art from Twitter user @MOZZALU that emphasizes this point.

Here's everything we know about scarlet and violet

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