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Pokemon Unite, Mamoswine Guide: Best build, held items and more!

The Pokémon Unite roster is increasing every month; in a recent addition, Mamoswine was introduced in the game, and it’s an absolute beast!
Pokemon Unite is a MOBA released by the folks at Pokemon to capitalize on the increasing MOBA games craze. Pokemon Unite has added a ton of Pokemon to the game, divided into 5 different battle types; Mamoswine was revealed as a defender, so he has excellent endurance stats!
In this guide, we’ll show you the best moveset, the best-held items, and the best battle items that’ll make your mamoswine a force to be reckoned with!


Best Moveset

Ice fang: Ice fang not only will inflict damage in a selected area, but it will also leave the opponent frozen for a small amount of time. But, this tiny amount of time is enough for you and your teammates to knock out the Pokemon!

Earthquake: As Mamoswine is a physical attacker, you’ll need to be close to any pokemon to attack. Earth quake will inflict a ton of damage to the Pokemon as Mamoswine will leap and land on them! 


Best held items

Razor Claw: Razor claw will increase your Mamoswine's attack and critical attack rate!

Buddy Barrier: When Mamoswine uses its Unite move, Mamoswine and an ally Pokemon in your vicinity with the lowest HP will get a shield, up to 20% of their max HP!

Focus Band: Focus band will help Mamoswine regenerate its HP!


Best Battle Item!

Eject Button: Mamoswine isn’t the fastest Pokemon on the map, it is a well-known fact, and the opponents will use this to their advantage. The eject button will effectively teleport you to a designated location! Sp using an eject button will take care of your weaknesses i.e, being slow.

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