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Team galaxy in Pokemon Legends: Arceus explained

Just like any other Pokemon title, Legends: Arceus will also possibly have an evil organization like Team Rocket in the anime. This organization tries to orchestrate various evil plans that would grant them power. But the trailer for the game revealed no such details.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus is an unusual entry in the Pokemon franchise; it tries to disrupt the original Pokemon formula for the good. So it is a totally plausible theory that we, the players, are kept in the dark and made to do the work for an evil organization.


This article will discuss what Team Galaxy is, its intentions, and its connection with Arceus!




What is team Galaxy


Team Galaxy is an Organisation whose base is set up in the Hisui region, the past version of the Sinnoh region from the fourth generation Pokemon game. There are various branches of the organization which look over different aspects of their operations.


You, the player, will be a part of the survey corps, responsible for collecting data on the various Pokemon species that inhabit the Hisui region.


Team Galaxy Goals


As we’ve only had a couple of teasers and trailers for the game, we don’t know the real intention of this team. But during the Pokemon Live event, they emphasized the trailer, and we have some juicy information. You, the player, are helping the Proffesor in creating the first Hisuian Pokedex.


But you’re working for the survey corps and collecting data, so that simply means Team Galaxy is creating the first Pokedex for the region. Pokemon in the Hisui region also tend to attack you in rage; maybe that’s why the professor wants all the Pokemon’s information.



Revealed Members of the organization




The survey corps, which the player will be a part of, is just one of the many different inner sections of the Team Galaxy. The survey corps is headed by Cyllene. You will be assigned tasks, and you will be reporting directly to her in the team. Maybe there will also be some lower-ranking officers, but we don’t have any information about them.




The professor responsible for the starters in this game is Professor Laventon.




And finally, the possible leader of the Team Galaxy, Commander Kamado was revealed in the trailer.  He has the highest authority in the hierarchy of the organization.


Possible connection to modern-day Team Galactic




When the Team Galaxy was revealed, many similarities between the Team Galaxy of the old Sinnoh region and Team Galactic of the modern Sinnoh. Even the logos are a perfect match for each other.




Apart from the logo, even their similar names, Galaxy and Galactic, are really close to each other. This may be intentional by the developers to create a sort of connection between the two organisations who share the same base of operations!




Role of Arceus in the game!


Now that we know, the Team Galaxy may be somehow connected to the modern Team Galactic. The Team Galaxy is trying to research and get as much data as possible on every Pokemon in the region; we get a hint for their plans.


Just like Cyrus tried to summon the Legendary Pokemon from their respective generations, Commander Kamado might try to gather Arceus oin hopes of gaining power. Or what other reason is pushing the Team Galaxy to create the first Pokedex.


Remember, this game is set in a time when Pokemon were not very close to humans. Infact the people’s opinion of Pokemon is terrible, Professor laventon was shown in the trailer saying, ‘Pokemon are dangerous creatures!. Also, Pokemon are attacking humans with deadly attacks. So this theory is highly plausible.


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