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The legendary trio alt-art cards can be the most valuable from the chilling reign set!

The chilling reigns set was worth the hype. It delivered a lot of visually stunning and valuable cards to the ever-growing Pokemon TCG. Though there were many great cards in the set, nothing caught the eyes of the fans more than the Alternative art cards for Pokemon!


Alternative art or Alt art cards have been trendy amongst fans ever since they were first introduced in the TCG. These cards usually have better designs and are also considered collectible by most of the TCG community.


The chilling reigns set added many Alt art cards. Still, the Galarian legendary trio cards came out on top with their unique and extraordinary designs. Also, the pricing mentioned on this blog is subjected to change as more and more of these cards start to flood the market.


The prices can also change depending upon the condition of the card.



Galarian Zapdos V


The Galarian Zapdos design seems to be taking the whole ostrich-road-runner theme to its heart. Zapdos can be seen zipping past valleys at extraordinary speeds, leaving only trails of dust for the trainers trying to catch it.


Even though the Galarian Moltres card is revered for being the best-looking card, i.e., it is the most visually appealing, the Galarian Moltres card also has a unique feel. And we’ve time and again witnessed special cards tend to be more valuable in the long run.


The original Zapdos was a flying bird with yellow feathers; the Galarian one though looks way better with a striking contrast between the orange and black colors it boasts. If you’re fortunate enough to pull one of these bad boys, you can get anywhere between $60-70!





Galarian Articuno


The ice type Articuno looked like a peaceful bird with a simple design; this is in stark contrast to what its Galarain counterpart offers. Galarian Artuicuno looks rad, to say the least, this psychic type bird has a great color combination going for it, and the alt art card just looks legendary!


It probably is one of the most well-designed Articuno cards of all time. When accompanied by Moltres and Zapdos, the card shines even more. The card was recently priced at around $50; even though it is less than Galarain Zapdos and Moltres, it is still one of the set’s best cards!






Galarian Moltres


Moltres was already an awesome legendary Pokemon. It was considered the leader of the trio of birds, and the artists at Pokemon have done justice to the legacy of Moltres by making Galarian Moltres one of the best pokemon ever designed!


Galarain Moltres already had a pretty awesome color scheme. Still, the alt art card went above and beyond to deliver this fantastic fiery bird of the dark. The Galarian Moltres card feels premium; it makes every other TCG card look dull; that’s how good it is.


Now, if the card has such a great design, you know fans will be eager to get their hands on it. Recently the price of the Galarian Moltres was around $120. And that’s just a ridiculous price point for a card from a modern pokemon TCG set that just dropped a while ago.



In total, if you were to sell the legendary trio, you could make a lot of money, but that is if you can collect all of them. These cards are scarce and hence more valuable. Most of the prices in this list were taken from eBay, where these cards were up for sale.



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