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The most bizarre Pokemon facts that you’ve never heard of!

Pokemon has been around for decades at this point; in this long time that they've existed, they have managed to carve a significant piece in the world's cultural zeitgeist; almost everyone and their grandma knows what a Pikachu is.

Even though Pokemon is extremely popular, there are a quite handful of pretty bizarre things in the franchise. And we made a pledge to collect the most bizarre ones and bring them to you, so here you go, here are the most bizarre facts about Pokemon!

Polytheist Pokemon banned from Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of one of the most popular regions globally; Islam had banned Pokemon at one point, and that too for the most bizarre reason possible. So hear this, the Saudi Government thought that Pokemon was spreading polytheism (the belief that there is more than one GOD) in the country.

As you know, Polytheism is one of the worst sins in Islam. I still don’t understand how Pokemon was spreading Polytheism. Did people start worshipping Pikachu in there?

Pikachu money

The island of Niue had minted a particular edition coin that featured a Pikachu on it. You could buy stuff using a Pikachu coin, that is, if you live there.

Ash and Cleafiry, the partnership that never was

Clefairy was supposed to be paired with ash; Pikachu wasn’t the first choice!

Smallest and largest Pokemon

The smallest Pokemon is 10cm wide and is called the Flabebe. The most giant Pokemon is the gigantic monstrosity Eternatus which is 300 m tall!

Hypno, the child kidnaper

Hypno is a Pokemon known to stay in remote parts of cities, hypnotize kids with his coin and take them away. So yeah, he’s basically a child kidnapper!

Here are some more bizarre and peculiar facts about the Pokeverse - 

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