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Top 10 Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl!

Sinnoh is home to a wide variety of Pokemon, and it is one of the most beloved generations of Pokemon. Thanks to the fantastic Pokedex that Sinnoh Boasts, we have a lot of cool and, most importantly, Strong Pokemon.
Here are 10 of the most fantastic Pokemon in the Sinnoh region to know before Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl releases

10. Infernape

Undeniably the best Fire-type in the entire Sinnoh, and probably you’re first choice for a starter!

9. Lucario

Lucario is pretty famous, and his debut was in this game, so make sure you use this glorious Pokemon in the region it was introduced!

8. Staraptor

The most edgy-looking bird with that feather swirl on its face. Staraptor is a Pokemon that’ll be by your side for the entire playthrough!

7. Gallade

Gallade is a staunch competitor of Lucario; both are almost similar in the types they cover. 

6. Glaceon

The 4th gen gave us this elegant ice-type evee that can literally slays dragons! It’s such a cool Pokemon, with a slender body but power so immense that it can kill dragons!

5. Luxray

The best electric type in the region, plus it looks like a lion and is prideful!

4. Empoleon

The water starter is one of a kind because of its unique typing; make sure to give it a chance!

3. Torterra

The giant tortoise grass starter that produces earthquakes. What else can you want from it?

2. Milotic

Milotic is one of the most coveted Pokemon in the entire franchise, but it is tough to catch in the game, so good luck!

1. Garchomp

The Psuedo legendary of the region, Garchomp, runs through its opponents as a hot knife does in butter!

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