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Where to find Rotom in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Rotom is one of the most fascinating Pokemon in the Sinnoh region. This single Pokemn may not evolve into anything but still has five different forms. Rotom can possess certain appliances and become another form of rotom. 

Rotom can possess an oven to become an electric/fire type, it can possess a fridge to become an Electric/Water type, a washing machine to become an Electric/water type, a Fan to become a Flying/Electric-type and finally, it can possess a lawnmower to become an Electric/Grass-type.

Simply put, it is a great Pokemon, and you should definitely have it in your team or catch it just to finish the National Dex. 

But before we move on to the guide on catching this Pokemon, we first need to do some chores. Before you catch Rotom, you’ll have to beat the game and obtain the National Dex; only then can you even think about catching a Rotom. And I know it’s a bummer that such a great Pokemon isn’t available until post-game, but this is how the game works.

Rotom Location Pokemon BDSP

Once you get the National Dex, head over to Eterna forest, to this location, and chop down the tree. Enter the mansion, and you’ll see ghosts flying around; the mansion is supposed to be haunted!

Once inside the Mansion, head straight up to the first floor and enter the second room on the left-hand side. This room will have a TV; go near the TV and interact with it, a Rotom will pop out and challenge you to a fight; defeat it, and boom, you have a Rotom in your collection. 


If you want a shiny Rotom, you can save the game near the TV and keep restarting the game until you get a shiny Rotom!

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