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Why Modern Pokemon Games’ Graphics Suck!

When one thinks about Pokemon, creatures battling with their powerful moves come to mind, but what is the style that comes to your mind? Is it 3d, or is it the traditional 2d style of Pokemon?

Regardless of which style they show up in your mind, it’s a fact that the 2d Pokemon games look way better! The Pokemon looked like they were designed with love and care; even though they weren’t animated until the 5th gen, they still looked full of movement. Now contrast this with the modern Pokemon games, the 3d Pokemon.

The 3d version of Pokemon look devoid of life; the colors are toned down to make them look realistic, features like fire, and water, have been removed, and the Pokemon just look ‘soulless.’

This is quite clear in the games that we see. And not just the Pokemon; just look at the models used for the game, the landscapes, the arenas (which most of the time are non-existent, every time a battle starts, everything becomes a single color except for you and your opponent)

There’s only one reason for this deterioration in quality, the Pokemon company. They know people will buy the game regardless of the quality as they want to relive their childhood moments; nostalgia is the biggest seller of these games.

And not even that the graphics have to be photorealistic; some games have 2d pixel-like graphics and still look great. Pokemon just tries to maximize their profit, they want one game every 3 years. When you follow such timelines, you get a bad game, which the Pokefans will buy regardless.

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