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Is Naruto worth watching in 2022?

Saying that Naruto is a popular anime will be an understatement to its glory; Naruto is more than popular, it has become a part of the Japanese culture at this point, and the anime makes people want to visit the country; I don’t know which other show or movie had the power to do that.

So obviously, like a Nike fan as you are, you might be thinking, should I be watching this show? And we’re here to answer that question; in tis article, we’ll write down the Good and the Bad aspects of the show so that you can ultimately decide whether or not to spend your time on this show, as it is pretty big. Let’s go.



The characters are essential to Naruto, it’s characters are its biggest strengths, and there is such a variety of characters in the show that you’ll definitely find someone to that you relate.

World Building

The world-building of Naruto is fantastic, the world that the story creates for you is really intricate, and every region has its own backstories, its politics, and outlooks on the world. This makes the world of Naruto really engaging.


Naruto is literally a story about ninjas fighting against each other; it doesn't get any cooler than this. The different powers these ninjas have and how they harness them are entertaining to watch.


I can guarantee you that you’ll cry at least once during the show's runtime; the story revolving around Naruto is really emotional and leaves a mark on you.



The filler in Naruto is terrible; it’s good to just skip it. You can watch the beach episodes, though; they’re entertaining for obvious reasons.

Inconsistent Animation 

The animation in Naruto is really inconsistent, and this really bothers many viewers. When the show is in normal mode, i.e., when there is no threat to our characters, the animation really deteriorates; it looks awful. But when the fight scenes kick in, the animation gets turned up to a 100, and the show seems excellent!

Flaws in the story

The story of Naruto has a lot of inconsistencies as well, which will bother you as you’re binge-watching the show. Plus, the story in itself really deteriorates after you’re halfway through.

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