Artkemon is thinking outside the box: there are no rules in art, like there are for real, everyday life. You can be you, without the need of having to hide anything, especially that inner child of yours that sometimes refuses to show in the adult world.

Stephen Hawking once said that, according to the laws of nature, we are a bunch of well-ordered atoms. But, for art, and for those who make it, we are much more than that.

We need to indulge our minds, that infinite and complex web of thoughts and feelings with something artistic, with the irrational, with the emotional. Art is also knowledge. It's mysterious. It's limitless. It should have no barriers.

It is freedom of expression, it is knowledge, and when creativity is repressed, art is no longer produced.

For the same reason that it should have no barriers, is why this Artkemon project arose. We decided to add a different touch to these magnificent works of art, so classic, well-known and popular that, although some may not know who painted them, or the names of their creators, they have surely seen them at some point and admired them.

Our touch is to add a Pokemon. As simple as it sounds, it conveys a message: never letting go of your inner child. That part of you that is dreamy and doesn't let go of the harshness of the world, that sees mountains as something to climb and not as obstacles or impediments on the way.

Pokemon is also a form of art, as it was created from someone's imagination. As you can see, we combined the different Pokemon so that the color palette of the artwork is perfectly matched with those of the artwork. A somewhat unexpected fusion, isn't it ? Few could imagine a link between classic artwork and a child's cartoon. 

By wearing these shirts, you will not only be able to show that art to the world in a very unique and original way, you will also be learning about art!

So, when someone on the street stops you to ask about your shirt, you'll be able to get a good topic of conversation.

These shirts are a mix of both the adult world with the childhood one, so you can have best of both worlds. So don't wait any longer and join the Artkemon community, you'll have a great time !


Artkemon team