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Brand new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaks might’ve revealed the storyline!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were revealed a couple of weeks ago. Since then, the fans have been eagerly waiting for new announcements from the Pokemon company. Sadly nothing new has been announced ever since, but we’ve got some juicy leaks that’ll satisfy your craving for Pokemon!


Many Pokemon-related forums in China are brimming with a brand new leak from the same person who had apparently confirmed a new Pokemon in Legends: Arceus. So the leaker is credible; hence the community is going crazy over these new details regarding the story.

Apparently, the story for Scarlet and Violet will be similar to that of B&W in which we saw two families feuding with each other with box art legendaries; the leaker has made it clear that a story similar to this will be taking place in Scarlet and Violet! 

New Gimmick

Every new Pokemon game since X&Y has had some of the other gimmicks which make the fans excited about the game; in Sword and Shield, we saw gigantamx Pokemon, but for Scarlet and Violet, very little is known.

But if this new leak is true, then the gimmick might be to change the type of Pokemon or to add a different type to the pokemon. This leak is further supported by this screenshot. We see an area with all types on it. This might be a coincidence, but it might turn out to be foreshadowing for something big to come!

150 new Pokemon!

The Chinese leaker has also claimed that this time around, we’ll see the same amount of Pokemon that we saw in Gen 1, 3, and 5. All these generations had around 130-160 new Pokemon, and the bets part is some of them have alreday been leaked, here are the starter evolutions!

Getting so many new Pokemon will surely be fun, and I think this might be true as this will probably be the last Pokemon main series game on the Nintendo Switch as newer consoles will have come out by the time of the 10 generation!


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