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Charizard Pokemon unite build: Best moveset, held items and battle item!

Charizard is probably the Pokemon you picked when starting the Pokemon Unite journey if you’re a gen one fan. And it’s a great choice; after all, it is one of the better Pokemon in the game and will surely help you and your teammate out in the game.
This guide is made for those confused about what moves and items are bets for Charizard; you won’t be confused once you go through this list. We’ve done our research to bring you the best Build for Charizard!


Fire Punch: The name itself is pretty self-explanatory to many; Charizard literally pounces on the enemy with his rage and fire off course. The opponent gets knocked back, and Laos takes damage; it is a great move to have in your arsenal!

Flare Blitz: Just like fire punch, in flare blitz, Charizard once again charges at his enemies with force and this time around he also gets a shield when he does it. The opponent loses some HP and also is knocked back!

Best Held Items

Razor Claw: Razor Claw is an item that basically increases the damage from a basic move after your Pokemon uses a move. It especially is great for Melle attackers like Charizard because it also slows down the enemy.

Muscle Band: When the basic attack hits, the damage done by your Charizard increases by 1%, 2%, 3% of the opponents remaining HP!

Focus Band: When Charizard drops to low HP, then each second for three seconds his HP will regenerate, it’s not a lot, but enough to give you a chance at surviving!

Best Battle Items

Eject button: Charizard isn’t the fastest Pokemon in the game. So the eject button comes in real handy as it teleports you to a designated area!

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