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Everything we know about Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

It has happened; the Pokemon company has finally announced the release of the brand new 9th generation games, and the fans are going crazy. There is so much to unpack from the trailer, many subtle hints, and messages were dropped that tell us a lot about the game.

The games are called Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. There’s a lot of cool stuff that we've deciphered from the limited footage we got, so let’s take a look at what the future of the Pokemon universe holds!

Spain and Portugal

The fans quickly pointed out the map in the character's house. This map can be a coincidence, but if you’ve been a Pokemon fan long enough, you’ll know that everything Pokemon does is intentional. This map gives us a big clue about where the game is set in.

The map shows a peninsular region, which is very similar to the westernmost tip of Europe where Spain and Portugal are located. Not only that, the temperature and the sceneries in the game hint towards Spain and Portugal as well.

The architecture seen in the trailer is very much similar to that of Spanish architecture; for example, this one screenshot shows a massive castle-like building that seems to be based on the Sagrada Familia.

Not only that, the trailer showed a bowl of Grapes and Blood Oranges; guess what their colors were (Scarlet and Violet). Also, two fruits were seen in the doorway, with the national fruit of Spain being Grapes, another coincidence or intentional messaging?


Now to the most essential part of the trailer, the new starters. The region's name is still unknown, but the trailer showed us the drawings of the three new starters that are being introduced to the game.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.


Sprigatio is the grass-type starter for these new games, and it looks very much like a cat. It will be interesting to see where its evolution take sits as a grass-type cat. Pokemon is an exciting concept. According to the official description, this Pokemon will be a capricious and attention-seeking feline!


Fuecoco is the fiery crocodile of the region. It has been dubbed a Pokemon that takes things slowly and is very laid back. This is in stark contrast to the agile fire starter from the past generation.


Quaxly is the water-type bird from the new region. It is earnest and likes to stay tidy, which is quite evident from the design of the Pokemon. It seems to be flaunting a sailor's hat in the image; it will be interesting to see how the evolutions look.

Open World

The fans were disappointed when they released that Legends Arceus wouldn’t be an open-world game. But the Pokemon Company has explicitly mentioned that the 9th generation games will be 100% open world, not just time patches in the wild.

It seems like they used Pokemon legends: Arceus to demonstrate the tech, and now they're implementing it fully. According to official Pokemon sources, the game will be genuinely open world where the wilderness will seamlessly blend in with the cities and urban areas. This will open a whole different world of Pokemon to the player; this will be unlike anything we've seen so far!

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