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Everything you need to know before playing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Peral are two new remakes from Gamefreak that’ll be released on 19th November 2021, so we’re really close to the release date of the game. The game will be faithful remakes of the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

As these are the game that we’ve already played, there are some tips and tricks that we wanted to pass down to those who are new to the game. These tips will help you navigate yourselves through the Sinnoh region in a much better way; this will allow you to enjoy the game and save your time from grinding!


Chimchar, Turtiwg, and Piplup are your options in the Sinnoh region. To be honest, all three Pokemon are excellent in their own way, and you can go with any of them. But if you want a Pokemon that’ll decimate your opponents, Chimchar is the best starter in the game.

The Sinnoh region

The Sinnoh region has a lot of Pokemon in it; the Pokemon’s type and ability depend upon where you find them in the game. The underground of the Sinnoh region has special Pokemon habitats; make sure to visit them! You will encounter a ton of great Pokemon, both on the surface and the underground. 

The champion and the storyline

The game’s storyline is similar to other Pokemon games in which an evil organization is trying to do some nasty stuff. The evil team is called team galactic, and you’ll understand their intentions in your playthrough.

The champion in the game is tough to take down; we won’t reveal who it is, but just make sure to catch a Gible in the cave under the Bicycle road to have a strong pseudo legendary in your team. It will help you out in the last battle.

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