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Top 5 Pokemon Lost With Time


Pokémon holds a special spot in every kid's heart. We adore watching these imaginary creatures come to life on our screens, witnessing their epic battles, and, most importantly, forming that special bond with them.

The mystery and excitement of catching a Pokémon we've never encountered before is like discovering a brand-new flavor of candy, giving us that thrilling rush.

Guess what? We've got something exciting for you! Imagine a list of Pokémon that almost nobody has ever seen—like, 99% of the fan base hasn't laid eyes on them. These Pokémon never made it into the games; they're either stuck at the concept art stage or are full-fledged Pokémon that never got their time in the limelight.

In this blog post, we're here to share with you the stories of 5 Pokémon that have been lost with time. Get ready for a trip down memory lane!





5. Godzilla 

So, imagine this: there was this Godzilla-inspired Pokémon that the creators dreamed up. Sounds epic, huh? But, bam, copyright hurdles came crashing down, and we got a gorilla Pokémon instead – a bit like Donkey Kong! The lost Godzilla Pokémon is now a mystery waiting to be unraveled.




4. Meowth evo

Next up, we've got the Meowth evolution saga. Meowth gracefully evolves into Persian, but before that, there was a rumor about a super cute Pokémon with unique coins. Picture a psychic cat concept – intriguing, right? But for some reason, it didn't make the cut. Maybe they thought it was too cute for its own good!





3. Gorochu

Now, Gorochu – the final evolution of Pikachu. I know, it sounds wild! Cartridge space issues played the villain, and Gorochu got left out. Imagine Pikachu turning into a god of thunder – pretty rad, huh? But alas, it's just a what-could-have-been scenario.




2. Honoguma

Honoguma, the original fire starter for the second generation games, got replaced by Cyndaquil. Can you picture it? A bear cub-inspired Pokémon starting our journey! It's like they had big plans, but things took a different turn. Still, fun to think about the road not taken, right?





1. Voodoo doll

Lastly, let's talk about the Voodoo Doll – a spooky concept that thankfully didn't make it to the final game. I mean, who needs a doll with an iron nail through its chest, right? Kind of voodoo doll vibes. But hey, it could have added a quirky, spooky touch to the Pokémon world.

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