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How to get all the different Rotom forms in Pokeon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


The BDSP games are out, and we’re sure most of you’ve already completed the game and now are collecting every single Pokemon in the region. To aid you in this venture, we bring to you how to catch a Rotom and how to get any Rotom from you by following these simple steps.

Rotom can only be caught after the game has been completed and you have obtained the national dex. Once you have done these things, head out to the Eterna Forest and enter the Old Chateau, here you’ll probably see some ghosts floating around.

In the mansion, one of the rooms will have a TV, go near the TV to interact with it, and a Rotom will come out of it and start battling you. Though it is at only level 15, it is hard to get a hold of, so make sure you have a ton of Pokeballs on you.

Rotom different forms location

On successfully capturing the Rotom, you’ll be awarded a secret key, which you have ot take to Eterna city again. Here you’ll have to find the old Team Galactic building and enter it. As you can see in the image, the left side of this wall actually is a secret entrance.

Use the key to enter the secret room; once you’re in, you’ll be greeted with five different household appliances, which Rotom can possess to become another form.

A rotom can become an electric/fire type by possessing an oven, an electric/water type with a washing machine, an electric/grass type with a lawn mover, an electric/ice type with a refrigerator, and an electric/flying type with a fan!

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