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How to unlock rideable Sneasler in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has added brand new rideable Pokemon to the game. This has made traversing the new Hisui region more accessible and more fun than previous Pokemon games. Unlike the older titles, the rideable Pokemon are plenty and do many different things.

Braviary can fly, Wyrdeer is used to ride on the ground, Basculegion to swim in the water, and Sneasler to climb mountains! 

The Sneasler mount is one of the most unique additions to the game. It gives you the ability to scale vertical terrains with ease. It comes in real handy as the terrain in Hisui is very uneven.

So let’s see how we can get a hold of this fantastic mount.


First and foremost, you’ll have to complete every mission, up till mission 10, the lordless land, assigned to you by Kamado. The 11th mission is when you actually get the mount. The mission will task you to go Coronet Highlands and battle with Ingo.

On successfully defeating Ingo, he’ll ask you to play the Celestica flute for the Sneasler. This will give you the ability to call the Snealser whenever you want to scale a cliff or a mountain and the Snealser will respond.

Sneasler controls

Snealser can be called when you’re near a cliff. Simply press the or the A button, and Snealserwill responds. Other Snealser controls on the Nintendo Switch are as follows - 

B - Let go when on a cliff

Y - To ascend on a cliff

A - To pick up items

+ - To dismount

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