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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is not an open-world game!

When Pokemon Legends: Arceus was first unveiled to the world, there was a lot of excitement inside the Pokemon community, and rightfully so. The fans were going to get the first open-world Pokemon game that they’ve been waiting for so long at this point.

But amidst the excitement, everyone forgot that they have to confirm this. Everyone thought that the game was an open-world game, thanks to the gameplay footage revealed. But nowhere was it mentioned that the game was open world, it was the fans who came up with this notion.


Why Pokemon Legends: Arceus is not an open-world game!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus looks like a mixture of the Pokemon game with Zelda Breatth of the wild. If you look at the footage once again, you can see stark similarities between the wild area in Sword and Sheild and the area where the players are roaming. This was the only reason thinking that the game is the open-world when it actually isn’t.

So basically the game will have large wilderness areas. Still, the structure of the game will be similar to the Pokemon main series games, linear. Nothing like you see in the GTA game or any other open-world games. This is a bummer as the prospect of playing an open-world Pokemon was really exciting. 


This fact was only confirmed after some Pokefans started asking questions on Twitter. Some big media outlets went out and got some accurate information regarding the open-world nature of the game and it turns out it isn’t an open-world at all.

Infact the game will be similar to the other game but will feature really vast wild areas where you have to go and study. These areas might be connected, but the game definitely isn’t open world.

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