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Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Noble Pokemon Explained!

A new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer showed us how the battle mechanic will look in-game and the all-new customization option that was rumored to be in the game. But that’s not what this post is about; Legends: Arceus has also added Pokemon Boss battles!

The trailer clearly showed a new Pokemon named Kleavor, who is frenzied at the moment and needs to be calmed down somehow. There are also new characters in the game known as the wardens. But first, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of these Pokemon Nobles and what they are!

Noble Pokemon

Noble Pokemon are Pokemon in the Hisui region that have been granted special status and are overlooked by the wardens. Not much is known about them apart from this, but it has been confirmed that there are multiple  Noble Pokemon in the game.

The confirmed Noble Pokemon as of now are the Wyrdeer, Basculegion, and Kleavor.

Kleavor was the one who was shown in the trailer. Kleavor is an evolution of scyther which evolved into a Kleavor because of the conditions in Hisui.

Noble Pokemon purpose in-game

The trailer shows us that the Noble Pokemon was frenzied and needed to be calmed down. This can be done by throwing specific pouches on them; the more you throw, the calmer they get. But they will also try to hit you while you do this!

You can use your Pokemon to weaken the Noble, but this won’t faint them but only slow down their rage. This time can be utilized to throw more pouches.

What happens once the Noble Pokemon calms is anybody’s guess as nothing has been revealed yet. But it can be said that there will be 4 Noble Pokemon based on the current info as there were 4 wardens that were shown in the trailer

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