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Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be adding a new Goodra Hisuian

With Pokemon BDSP being right around the corner, the excitement amongst the Pokemon community is at an all-time high, just like Bitcoin is. And adding fuel to this fire is the Twitter handle riddler_khu, who has turned out to be the most legit Pokemon leaker this year!

At this point, it is pretty sure that the individual is somehow in contact with the internal team at Gamefreak or themselves are working in it. Regardless of their position in Pokemon, fans are getting a lot of enjoyable content from them.

Very recently they posted a weird puzzle, as you can see it has a lot of random images on it along with numbers. The puzzle #8 seems to be hinting towards a metal slug-type Pokemon. And one of the most popular slug-like Pokemon is the adorable Goodra!

And we even got confirmation about it in the form of a tweet!

New Hisuian Goodra

As you can see in the image, the Goodra line will surely be getting a revamp. The Goodra line as of now is a dragon type, not many understood this typing at first, but the dragon type suits goodra very well if you read about it’s origins and lore. 

The Hisuian form of Goodra will be a Steel/Dragon-type, which is a very unique typing. As for the design of the Pokemon, we have zero information regarding it.

Getting the confirmation to a totally new Pokemon is in itself really lucky for us fans, the design will eventually be revealed by the Pokemon company when the time’s right.

We’ve already received some new Hisuain forms of existing Pokemon like growlithe and Zorua. So the likelihood of getting a new Goodra Hisuian form is very high at the moment.

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