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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are bad games!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are massively successful at this point; they’ve sold more copies in 3 days than Legends: Arceus sold in its entire lifetime!

That said, the games are of very poor quality, especially for a company that earns billions of dollars in revenue yearly!

Many players are experiencing issues with the game, which we think makes the game ‘bad’ and not worth the $60 it demands.

Bad Textures

The textures in this game are terrible, especially for a game that came out in 2022! And don’t give us the argument that it’s because of the Switch's limited hardware because there are many great-looking games on the Switch, so yeah, this was just laziness on Game Freak’s part.

The game looks ugly.

Performance Issues

They finally mastered rideable Pokemon, but the insane drops hinder the execution! You’ll see a performance issue every time you visit the outer areas. In places where the NPC density is high, you’ll get 2fps!

No voice acting

What is so hard in implementing voice acting? There are modders out there who include Voice Acting; why does a billion-dollar company not have voice acting in its main series games? A game that makes them billions?


The final verdict that many players came on with after playing the game is that it was rushed. It was trying to do something new, changing the Pokemon formula, but the corporate folks probably made them run the game and release a half-baked product.

We hope these issues get patched soon!

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