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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gimmick might be changing types!

The 9th generation Pokemon main series games, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will be released this year. The release date might be around thanksgiving, but the game is definitely coming out this year. And since the game is coming out this year, we will surely be getting a lot of info as we start approaching the release date.

Many leaks have started to surface on the internet. We will be deciphering some of the most exciting and credible ones that we found. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Type Changing Crystals

The leaker (twitter-TheSVGuy) claims the game will use crystals to change your Pokemon’s type. This sounds very Pokemon, as every main series game has flirted with gimmicks in the past. The third type sounds interesting but is too farfetched.

The exciting has an excellent track record, but this makes you wonder how will Pokemon execute this gimmick. But before we shun this leak, remember that the Gigantamax forms were leaked. No one believed in it at first because it sounded bizarre. So, this just might be the gimmick in the 9th generation.

Regional forms 

Regional Forms are a great way of integrating past Pokemon into new regions. The Hisui region had regional forms as well. I don’t see why the Pokemon company won’t add it in Scarlet and Violet.

A leaker claims to have information regarding the regional forms and the Region name! The region is called Lusia, and the confirmed regional variants (according to Twitter user PeaceKeeperMcG) are Lusian Hoothott, Poochyena, Vullaby, Lotad, and Roselia. We also have some new leaks regrading the starter evolutions, here the post - Scarlet and Violet Evolutions leaked

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