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Top 3 Biggest Flaws With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

It would be an understatement to say that I’m excited for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet; that's how excited I and many Pokefans are! And as we inch closer and closer to the release of the game, there is a lot of questions start arising in my mind. And some of these questions were answered by Gamefreak on their official Pokemon website and in the trailer for the games.

What I’ve found is quite disheartening as I was able to point out 3 major flaws with the games so far, and who knows how many more might be hidden under the hood. In this blog post, I’ll shed some light on the 3 biggest flaws of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Pokemon attack air! 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus completely revamped the Pokemon genre of games; the battle mechanics, for example, were loved by fans. The biggest difference between other Pokemon games and legends was that they made contact with the opponent when they attacked!

One might think this great feature would remain in the game, but Gamefreak has regressed to the original way, where Pokemon attack the air in front of them. This is disappointing to see.

No level management system

In the trailer, they emphasized the fact that you can weave your path by going to any gym you want. How will this work? Can you pull up to a level 40 gym when you start? This is just insane, and Gamefreak has not commented on how that will implement this.

Circular region

The Unnova region is the least like region because of its weird circular, predictable design. And it looks like the Paldea region will follow the same design as you can reach any gym from your home location, so you’ll have to be in the center by default. If you're not, then it’s not an open world, and you’re not weaving your path

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