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Top 3 Pokemon Legends Arceus Theories that’ll blow your mind!

Pokemon Legends Arceus holds the potential to be the best Pokemon game ever made if Gamefreak gets everything right. That being said, there is still a lot of confusion surrounding the game, and what happens when there is a lot of uncertainty around a game? The fans come up with theories!

This blog post will brief you in short about the 3 most prominent theories that can come true in Pokemon Legends Arceus, so without wasting much time, let’s get into it!


Theory 1

Team Galaxy is the organization in the game that is working on the first Sinnoh poke dex. You’re a member of their team responsible for getting data on the local Pokemon.

But this team Galaxy has a lot in common with the evil team Galactic of the future. This is the most prominent theory as of now, that the Team Galaxy is actually the Team Galactics ancestor! 


Theory 2

Team Galaxy is trying to use the power of Arceus to manipulate the world! Every evil team in the games has tried to take hold of legendaries to further their evil deeds; team galaxy won’t be that different.

Arceus is literally the God Pokemon; who knows what kind of power it might possess. 


Theory 3

This might be one of the many Legends games that will come in the future. Just think about it for a second; Arceus is a Pokemon who is not very well know as it was never a box cover legendary. Still, now it leads pokemon is getting the attention it deserves.

Other pokemon like Arceus deserves more screen time and lore, like Giratina, for example, the ruler of the distortion world. Maybe we’ll get Pokemon Legends: Giratina next!

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