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Top 3 weirdest cards of all time from the Pokemon TCG

Pokemon is a franchise that is more than 20 years old. The TCG is also ancient, so in the long time they’ve existed, they’ve come up with some bizarre Pokemon cards. We tracked down some of these cards and brought them to you, but not a lot, only 3, the 3 weirdest of them all!

3. Eevee GX

Eevee is one of my favorite Pokemon, but this ain’t an Eevee, I don’t know what ungodly creature it is but this ain’t an Eevee. The cards feature a really unsettling illustration; the Pokemon looks deformed as the shape and size of the Eevee don’t match at all. Plus, these lines are coming out of its mouth that is supposed to seem like a yawn, but to me, they look like tentacles!

2. Hama-Chan’s Slowking

Slow King isn't a Pokemon that looks the coolest, no, not at all, but this doen;t mean that the TCG butcher his design so bad in the TCG. This card up here is named Hama Chan’s Slowking in honor of a famous comedian who voiced the Pokemon.

The message is good, but the illustration looks like a 3-year-old drew it!

1. Imakuni 

Imakuni is a famous singer from Japan, and he is a very eccentric character. This TCG card is a testament to that statement. He seems ot be waring a very weird, cheap knockoff of Mickey MPouse’s ears, and his pose is so strange; what is he doing?

And you know what the best part is? If you use this card, it confused one of your own Pokemon!

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