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Why Pokemon Legends Arceus will be the best Pokemon game ever made (New screenshots included)

Pokemon is going to change and be the same ever again if Pokemon Legends Arceus accomplishes what it has set out to do. Legends Arceus will be the first Pokemon game that’ll deviate from the classic Pokemon formula of games, and for the better!


The trailer has shown us how amazing the game will look, and watching the trailer only hypes us up for the game’s eventual release, which is next year. So today, we will shed some light on why Pokemon Legends will be the best Pokemon game ever made!





Combat is realistic and better!


The combat in Pokemon Legends will be similar to the Pokemon anime, i.e., it will be the most realistic it has ever been. The trailer already showed us how the battles will take place, but these new screenshots show us something more exciting!


To get into a battle with any Pokemon, you’ll have to actually throw your Pokemon near it, and the battle will start. And when you fight, your player character will be standing side by side with your Pokemon, and you can also attack multiple times.


The combat already looks fantastic, and the whole of it isn’t even known yet; regardless of that, we’re really excited about the changes.






Best graphics ever for a Pokemon game!


Gamefreak isn’t known for the best graphics in the industry; it still sues 2010 level 3d models in Nintendo Switch games. And fans were disappointed when they saw the Pokemon Sw/Sh trailer. But it looks like Gamefreak has learned from its mistakes and made improvements!


Legends Arceus has some of the best graphics and sceneries ever seen in any Pokemon game, ever. The graphics look awfully similar to Breath of the wild, which is not a bad thing at all. We’re just happy we got improvement in the graphics.


Open world Pokemon game, Finally!


Pokemon legends Arceus will probably be an open-world game. The trailer showed us a glimpse of it. Also, it introduced the moving camera feature, which has been missing in the Pokemon games for decades now.
Your player will be able to roam anywhere in the world irrespective of the mission you’re in, which adds to the game’s replayability.


Pokemon in their natural habitat!


Pokemon until now haven’t been visible until encountered, and yes, this changed to a certain extent in the latest Pokemon games; the wild area was a fun addition. But the entire map should be similar to the wild area; only then will the world feel real.


And it looks like Gamefreak has actually decided to give us this featureit’. The trailer has shown Pokemon chilling in their natural habitats, interacting with the environment, and even running away when you approach. If this is anywhere near the habitats seen in Pokemon snap, this game will get legendary status!





Realistic depiction of Pokemon!


Pokemon, in the end, are animals. Actually, they are more robust and even deadlier than animals. And till now, Pokemon have been really well mannered and good with humans, but Legends will show us the dark side of Pokemon this time around; the Pokemon go rogue and attack the player!


Also, the size of the Pokemon is actually accurate this time around. Pokemon Sw/Sh was a massive disappointment; in the game, a Kyogre was the same height as a Charizard, which is crazy. But it looks like Gmaefreak has learned from its past mistakes and made improvements.


These are features Legends Arceus will be the best Pokemon game ever made and probably influence upcoming games.


Image source - Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Official Trailer 2

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