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Will there be mega evolutions in Pokemon BDSP?

Mega evolutions are gimmicks that came and went away after some time. Still, the fans really loved the idea and wanted more mega-evolutions for their favorite Pokemon.


And the 4th generation of Pokemon is one of the most beloved ones’s so it only makes sense to add new mega evolution to the 4th generation remakes. But unfortunately, we haven’t heard any news confirming mega evolutions in the Pokemon BDSP games.


Every time we get a remake of an old Pokemon game, we get to experience it on a newer, much powerful device. The developers also tend to add newer features from the current generation to make the game relevant and fit in with the new norms.


Dynamax forms are the new gimmick from the Sword and Sheild era. Fans were hoping, if not the mega evolution, they could get the Dynamax forms for the Pokemon, which is basically similar to the Pokemon, just inflated in size with minor changes to design.





Leaks confirming Megas in Pokemon BDSP?


Like any other Pokemon game, Pokemon BDSP wasn’t immune to leaks; there had been many leaks on sites like 4chan and Reddit. The leaks got more accurate as we approached the day of the announcement, i.e., the 25th-anniversary event of Pokemon.


Many relevant sources predicted the chibi version of the games. However, many took this with a pinch of salt, as every leak should be taken. But as it turns out some leaks are accurate, and some are fake, but the reality is, we can’t do anything about it.


We can’t discern the fake rumors or leaks from the legit ones. The internet is vast, and many people in excitement tend to fake things.




Mega Evolutions or Dynamax?


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are the 3rd generation remakes with features similar to Pokemon X and Y. Both these games had mega evolutions in them. So it only makes sense to have the gimmicks from Sword and Sheild in Pokemon BDSP.


The developers have no reason to add mega evolution to the remake. The latest gimmick is the Dynamax forms; why would they ruin their product by showing no trust in it. Granted, the Dynamax forms aren’t the most liked features.


And the Pokemon company will never do anything that’ll show them in a weak position. They lied to the fans at the release of the Pokemon Sw/Sh games about the national dex and the game’s graphics.





No mega evolutions for the fourth generation of Pokemon, and the reason why!


Unlike the past remakes, Gamefreak isn’t responsible for the BDSP game; it is another studio that’s in charge of making the games. Gamefreak is focusing more on the newer title that has everyone’s attention at the moment.


Pokemon legends Arceus holds the potential to disrupt the Pokemon formula if executed well.


The game is a massive step for Gamefreak, so rather than splitting their team up once again, they decided to outsource the Pokemon BDSP game. The legends Arceus game looks better than Sword and Shield games by a significant margin.


It has better graphics, better sound, better story, better combat, better catching mechanisms, better locations; I can go on and on, but you get the point.


Creating the mega-evolutions would’ve taken a lot of time, as there are many great Pokemon designs in the fourth generation. So rather than wasting their time on older games, they decided to focus on something newer and more exciting.


And that’s the reason why there will be no Mega evolutions in the Pokemon BDSP games. We’re inching towards the release date, which is 19 November and there’s no confirmation yet, if Megas were in the game, we might’ve heard about them by now.



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