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Will we get more Pokemon Legends Games in the future?


Pokemon Legends: Arceus was a breath of fresh air; it was the best Pokemon game in recent times; I’ll even go as far as to say that the game was the best Pokemon in the last decade! It did everything Pokemon was known for, taking risks and experimenting with new and innovative ideas.

Sadly Pokemon has lost this most distinguishing feature it used to boast about by churning out soulless, cookie cutter, and half-heartedly manufactured games to the masses. The modern Pokemon games fail on almost every level, on one would’ve liked these games if one hadn’t played the earlier Pokemon titles.

So when GameFreak released Legends, it was a big step in the right direction, and we hope to see more like them in the future! But will we?

Gamefreak and the Pokemon Company are giant multinational corporations that thrive on growth. They need to increase the number of players or increase their prices. Pokemon already sells its games for a premium; you can get games like GTA 5 for the price Gamefreak sells its mediocre, low-effort games.Increasing the player base is the only opinion they have, and the people who; love Pokemon are already playing it, so to get new players, they need to innovate as they did in Arceus, and they made a lot of money off that game!

So it is pretty evident that we will be getting more games like Arceus in the future; as for when and how it is still to be known. But judging by the sales and the hype the game created, the chance of getting legends part 2 is relatively high!

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