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Vampire Knight Complete Filler List [OFFICIAL]

Vampire knight is the perfect shojo anime that you need to watch right now. Many people associate Shojo anime to be overly girly in their style of presenting the story, but Vampire Knight is different, and you’ll see why. The story revolves around the students of Cross Academy, a school where the morning batch is for humans and the night batch for the Vampires.

Vampires and Humans don’t see eye to eye on every issue, and that’s what builds up the tension in the story. The main characters in the story have been affected by each other's community, the anime shows their journey of coming to terms with their past and letting go of the prejudices they have!

So if you’ve decided to give the anime a go, then you should definitely stay away from filler episodes that ruin the pacing of the show. Here’s a filler list for the anime!

Vampire Knight Filler List

  1. Night of the vampires - Manga Cannon
  2. Memories of blood - Manga Cannon
  3. The fang of Repentance - Manga Cannon
  4. Trigger of condemnation - Manga Cannon
  5. Moonlight festivities - Manga Cannon
  6. Their choices - Manga Cannon
  7. The scarlet maze - Manga Cannon
  8. Gunshot of sorrow - Manga Cannon
  9. Crimson gaze - Manga Cannon
  10. The princess of darkness - Manga Cannon
  11. The consequence of the desire - Manga Cannon
  12. Vow of the pureblood - Manga Cannon
  13. Crimson chains - Manga Cannon
  14. The burden of the sinners - Manga Cannon
  15. The eternal promise - Manga Cannon
  16. The azure portrait - Manga Cannon
  17. Devil’s awakening - Manga Cannon
  18. The subordinates trap - Manga Cannon
  19. The fake lovers - Manga Cannon
  20. The kiss of thorns - Manga Cannon
  21. Spiraling recollections - Manga Cannon
  22. Revival of the mad emperor - Manga Cannon
  23. Prelude to the battle - Manga Cannon
  24. Two souls - Manga Cannon
  25. World’s end - Manga Cannon
  26. Vampire knight - Manga Cannon

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