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3 times when Pokemon was accused of glorifying Nazi symbolism!

The Pokemon company has had some hiccups on its journey to becoming one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world. It turns out, some things that are considered normal in Japan aren’t so normal or even decent in other countries.

And the titles your read is absolutely true, the Pokemon had included N*zi symbolism in many of their entertainment mediums and you’ll be shocked to see how weird they are. This post will truly blow your mind.


The N*zi cross on cards

The Koga Ninja card from the TCG included the N*zi cross in the background, the members of the Jewish community soon took offense to this and the international version of the card was edited to remove the hate symbols from the card.

The N*zi cross was used by Hitler as a symbol of his party, which eventually caused World War 2 in which Japan was a Belligerent on the Germans side.

Jessi James doing the salute!

In one episode of the Pokemon anime, the main villains from the story, Jessie and James are doing the Hitler salute and a gang of team rocket members seems to be following them. Once again, this big mistake was revoked when the anime was released internationally.

Maybe the anime writers should just chill and get over this adult humor in kids' shows.

Registeel a N*zi?

Registeel, who is one of the regi’s was seen doing a very very weird pose in the Japanese version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, As you can see from the images above, the Pokemon is doing the Hitler salute, which once again was fixed in the North American releases.

If you think glorifying Na*is was bad, you clearly haven't heard about these messed up Pokemon 

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