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Belliboat is the latest addition to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

In a recent Pokemon Youtube Live Stream, a Vtuber introduced us to the newest addition to the Pokemon family, Bellibolt!

As we're inching towards releasing the brand new Pokemon titles Scarlet and Violet, the hype surrounding the game has reached heights that weren’t seen before. The Pokemon company is trying its best to capitalize on this hype by dropping new sneak peeks now and then, but Bellibolt is no sneak peek; it’s a brand-new Pokemon.

Let’s look at some of the features this brand-new Pokemon will have!


Bellibolt is an electric Frog Pokemon found in the swamps of the Paldea Region.

Seeing an electric typing on a frog would be interesting, especially when you give it the terastal type.

Bellibolt is an easygoing Pokemon; it is so easygoing that it would not even notice a Pokemon until they have seriously attacked it. But when attacked, Bellibolt can get mad and attack with his powerful electric attacks.

Bellibolt can expand and contract its belly to generate electricity, which is discharged and formats the belly button. This shockwave release for its belly button is enough to Knockout any Pokemon in its path.

Bellibolt also gets a new ability, Elctromorphosis, which is a brand-new game. The power is pretty straightforward; when Bellibolt is attacked, it stores the energy from that attack which can be used later on!

Bellibolt is one exciting Pokemon, and we hope to see more when Scarlet and Violet release next month!

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