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Gible (Garchomp) location in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Gible is one of the strongest Pokemon in the Sinnoh Region, and it also is a Psuedo-Legendary. GIble eventually evolves inot the menacing-looking Garchomp, which, as we all know, is a Pokemon that is worth having in any team.

Unlike other Pokemon games, where pseudo-legendaries can only be caught in the late game, Gible can be caught very early; you only need a bicycle, the TMs strength, cut, and access to the cycling road, and you’re all set. Follow the guide below to catch Gible in the game!

Gible Location

In the Northside of Oreburgh city, you’ll spot a cycling road. But the Gible is hidden below the cycling road, and you’ll have to go under it to find it. First, go to the right side of the cycling road, cut down the trees blocking your way, there will also be a lot of trainers till you reach the end.

You have to keep going straight until you find a cave; from here, turn left and try moving under the bridge; a secret passage allows you to move under the bridge. Then keep going left, and at the end, turn North, and you’ll be inside a cave.

Here you’ll have to use the ™ strength and flash if you want. Follow the cave, and you’ll end up in a Cycling arena with stunts. Here, Gible can be caught; they are rare but can easily be caught in this cave!

Apart from that method known to many, there is also an alternate method that requires you to be in the late game. The grand underground will have a Gible as one of the Pokemon so that you can catch it. Gible is a Pokemon worth the effort as it will smash through enemies!

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