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Top 3 Best Games like Pokemon that you can play in 2022!

Pokemon is a game that has a very distinct style to it, and the fans love it for this very reason as it offers them a totally different gaming experience from the other games out there. The Pokemon formula still stays relevant to this day; the simple catching and battling mechanic has captured hearts around the globe, and I’m pretty sure you’re one of them!

As the game is so successful, there were bound to be clones that pop up and games that get inspired by it. So we today decided to jot down a list of the 3 best games similar to Pokemon but that aren’t outright clones. You’ll surely love these picks, and we’ve made sure to pick the best of the best, hence the small size of the list. So let’s get into it!

Tem Tem

Tem Tem is by far the most popular Pokemon-like game out there; it has garnered a massive following over the years and has a very interesting take on the Pokemon formula. The game has real-life players running around on the maps at all times. It also gets a lot of updates; hence it stays fresh.


Ooblets is the weirdest entry on this game. In the world of Oob, you collect and grow these Ooblets, and you can also fight with other Ooblets, not in an actual fight, but in a dance battle! So you can win battles guardians of the galaxy style by doing a dance-off!

World of final fantasy maxima!

If you’re a final fantasy fan, this is the perfect game to try. It has a Pokemon-like mechanic to it, which you creatures called mirages. These creatures come in various varieties, making exploring the world a lot more fun. Plus, the story is well developed, unlike a Pokemon game!

You know what, these Pokemon-like games are cool bgut Pokemon is also coming out with a great game - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Release Date

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