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How to play Pokemon in Minecraft: Pixelmon

If you’re an avid Pokemon player and happen to like Minecraft as well, this mod will be like a match made in heaven. Pixelmon combines the crafting and sandbox aspect of Minecraft with the RPG-like Pokemon world where you can capture various different Pokemon.

Pixelmon is a trendy mod and has dedicated servers, so you can start playing with your friend online or even make new friends on this server. The game is almost identical to a normal main series Pokemon game, and you’ll obviously love it!


Playing Pixelmon is probably the closest you can get to being a real-life Pokemon trainer, as in the world of Minecraft, Pokemon isn’t the only priority. You have to survive and build to keep playing the game and battling other trainers in the game.

Pixelmon adds a lot of Pokemon to the vanilla Minecraft game. In the start, just like any other Pokemon game, you get to choose a starter, but in Pixelmon, you get more than one option; you can even select a Dragonair as your starter! Pixelmon mimics the main series games as closely as possible.

If you play Pokemon, this will be a similar experience. Apart from that, the mod adds custom features like breeding only when the Pokemon are in the right environment. The community surrounding the mod is great, so you'll always have some players to play with.

Plus, the developers are actively working on the mod, so you don’t have to worry about bugs. Simply put, you should play Pixelmon at least once.

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