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Logan Paul’s ridiculous $3,500,000 TCG purchase explained!

Logan Paul needs no introduction; he has been one of the most famous youtubers for a while now, and he even fought the legendary Floyd Mayweather. This dude is crazy; doing anything he likes and it turns out buying expensive Pokemon cards has become one of his hobbies!

Logan Paul had single-handedly revived the Pokemon TCG market in 2020 when he started doing TCG unboxings; he even bought a Charizard card from Gary (the guy who came to sell his TCG collection oin pawn stars a couple of years ago). Logan Paul gave $150,000 for that card, which is dwarfed by his recently paid amount.

In a recent tweet, Paul made his purchase of $3,500,000 worth of 1st edition booster boxes public. The price is ridiculous, and the stuff he bought with it is even more ridiculous! The booster boxes sell for $580,000+ each, and he bought 6 boxes!

If you’re a Pokemon TCG collector, even getting your hands on a single booster pack will be a dream come true, but Logan Paul has bought booster boxes, that too 6 of them. Now it will be interesting to see what he does with them. Does he sell them or open them to try his luck for the much-coveted Black Label Pristine 10 Shadowless First Edition Base Set Charizard.

The name is a mouthful and believe me when I say I’m not making this up; this card is the most coveted in the TCG. 

But wait, as it gets even weirder. This card doesn’t even exist!

It will be fun to see what Logan does with this new-priced position. The booster boxes will be worth a lot even if he doesn’t open them, but if he strikes gold and finds the card mentioned above, Logan will go down in TCG history!

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