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Pokemon gift ideas for this Christmas season

Christmas is upon us, and the festivities have already begun around the globe. The winter season brings with it the chilly winds and a chance to show appreciation for our loved ones by giving them memorable gifts that they love.

So this holiday season, we thought, why not create a list of items related to Pokemon that you can give as a gift on Christmas!

Nintendo Switch 

The number of games Pokemon comes out with every year is phenomenal, to say the least. Still, to play these games, you’ll surely need a console, and the Nintendo Switch is the way to go!

Pokemon Sword and Sheild

The Sword and Sheild games are the most up-to-date games in the Pokemon universe; they are the 8th generation of Pokemon games and are worth the money.

There is a lot of gameplay packed into this game. The replayability increases the value of the game even more. The expansion packs add a lot more content to the base game to don’t get bored for months!

Pokemon BDSP

The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games are the cutest ones Pokemon has ever released. They feature the old Sinnoh region in a Chibi format, which is adorable.

The Pokemon even follow you in this game. And as it is a classic Pokemon game, it indeed is worth giving!

Pokemon Snap

Pokemon snap is one of the best games Pokemon has ever created. This game lets you run around in the natural habitat of the Pokemon universe and spot a ton of pokemon in their natural habitat.

All you can do is battle the Pokemon in the main series games, but in snap, you get to go up close and see how they live their lives and take photos!

Pokemon TCG 

And last but not least, you can gift Pokemon TCG cards to them. Now depending upon your budget, you go absolutely crazy. But a pre-built deck is recommended for someone new!

The Pokemon main series game will aso make for a good gift idea, check the release date here - Pokemon Scarlet release date

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