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Pokemon Legends: Arceus: Hisuian Voltorb revealed

As the chilly days of December are going by, the release date for every Poke fan’s most anticipated game of the year has started to creep near as well. Legends: Arceus will officially be released next month, which is next year as well!

And to gear up for the release of the fantastic new game, the Pokemon company has handed over their Twitter account to their favorite Mascot, Ball Guy! The ball guy revealed a new Pokemon on the official Pokemon Twitter handle.

It was none other than a Hisuian Form of Voltorb! Hisuian Voltorb If you’ve been following the leaks regarding the new Pokemon game, Legends: Arceus, this announcement won’t excite you a lot as we’ve known for a while that the Hisuian Volotrb will be coming to the game for a long time now.

But the design was unknown, and it is safe to say that the Pokemon artists have nailed it once again! The design of the Hisuian Volotrb doesn’t deviate from the core concept of Voltorb, as it is similar to the present-day Voltorb. It looks like it is made out of wood. Volotorb looks like Pokeballs, and the Hisuian Volotrb looks like a Pokeball from the Hisui region, which is made out of wood!

There also is a reveal trailer for the Pokemon, and you should watch it as it is fascinating; the animation and the attacks of Volotrb are phenomenal, to say the least. Watching the in-game battle only makes me more excited for the game!

Hisuian Electrode As an Hisuian form of Volotrb has been revealed, it is safe to say that the Hisuian formation of Electrode will also be displayed when the game drops or even before that as a Voltorb evolves. Into an Electrode in the Pokemon universe!

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