Pokemon main series games playing order: Begineers Guide (Legends: Arc – ARTKEMON

Pokemon main series games playing order: Begineers Guide (Legends: Arceus included!)

So you’ve decided to embark on a journey of your lifetime in the Pokemon universe. You finally have decided to give the Pokemon games a try and see what all the fuss is about. But you’re stuck trying to select a game to play as there are so many options out there.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, you’ve landed on the right place; in this blog, we decided to jot down the best games to play if you’re a Poke beginner. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to play the old games if you don’t want to; we’ve separated the list into two parts to play the game you prefer.

Latest games

As every main series game in the Pokemon universe is its own thing and doesn’t have any prequel or sequel, you don’t have to worry about knowing anything before entering the world of Pokemon.

Just get one of the following games for your Nintendo Switch - Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu, Pokemon Sword, or Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. All these games also have an alternate version, but the game is pretty much identical.

You’ll be guided throughout your journey, and you won’t get lost at any moment!

Chronological order

Suppose you’re a serious gamer and want to experience the Pokemon fever right from where it began. In that case, you should follow the chronological order in which the games were released. There’s one downside to this: you’ll have to use emulators to run the majority of these games, but if you know how to download stuff from the internet, you’re one Google search away from getting any old game.

You’ll have to download emulators based on the games platform which will mention in the list below. Then download a ROM for the game you want to play in and it’s done!

This is the chronological order for Pokemon main series games. Now remember this, there are a lot of remakes in the Pokemon universe, so you can get better graphics in a remake. For example, Pokemon red and blue are colorless, but their remakes follow the same story have color and better features in Pokemon fire Red and Leaf green.

We’ve created a list of the chronology in the Pokemon universe as the games came out, we’ve excluded older games if there’s a better remake available, so if you want to play every Pokemon main series game, then just follow this simple list!

The Name of the game is followed by the platform on which the game was released. This is followed by the name of the region in which the story of the games takes place. This is vital because we want you to know every storyline that takes place in the Pokemon universe up until the 8th generation.

This is the chronological order, but you can play any random game as these games aren’t connected to each other (except for black 2 and white, ultra sun, and ultra moon). Enjoy!

  1. Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green (GBA) OR Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee (Switch) Kanto Region 

  2. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver (NDS) Johto Region

  3. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Nintendo 3DS) Hoenn region

  4. Pokemon Emerald (GBA) Hoenn region (the story of emerald is different from the above two games)

  5. Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Switch) Hisuian Region (Sinnoh Region of the past)

  6. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl (Switch)

  7. Pokemon Platinum (NDS) Sinnoh Region (the story of platinum is different from the above two games)

  8. Pokemon Black and White (NDS) Unova

  9. Pokemon Black2 and White2 (NDS) Unova

  10. Pokemon X and Y (3DS) Kalos region

  11. Pokemon Sun and Moon (3DS) Alola region

  12. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (3DS) Alola Region

  13. Pokemon Sword and Shield + Expansion packs (Switch) Galar Region

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