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Pokemon starters tier list Generation 1 to 9!

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Starters are one of the most important parts of any Pokemon main series game. They stick with us form the early game, all the way to defeating the Champion of the region. 

That being said, not every starter is equal in prowess or design. Some fare better than the others; and in this list, we will show you which starters are best overall. The Pokemon will be ranked on a number of factors, out of which battle prowess and design are some of the most important ones.

So with that out of the way, let’s get into it!

S tier

  • Charmander
  • Bulbasaur
  • Squirtle

Yeah, all the three gen 1 starters are in the S Tier.  All the three starters from gen 1 are perfect, there's nothing that I would add or remove to make them better. They are the templates from which all the other Pokemon starters are based.


  • Torchic

Torchic also makes a cut for being the best starter. The design and battle prowess of this Pokemon is unmatched, you just can’t go wrong with Torchic on your team!

A+ Tier

Next up we have the A+ Tier. This tier consists of Pokemon that are great but just couldn’t make it to the S Tier. 

  • Chimchar

We start with Chimchar, the literal monkey king reincarnate of the Pokemon universe. What can I say, ever since I saw Ash’s Infernape go super Saiyan in the anime, I fell in love with the Pokemon. It is a beast in battle and the design is one of the best in all of Pokemon

  • Treecko

Treecko is one of the best grass starters of all time. Its mega evolution is even deadlier!

  • Cyndaquil

Cyndaquil has once again become the talk of the town thanks to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Its Hisuian form adds much more character to the Pokemon.

  • Piplup

Piplup goes from looking like a cute penguin to a badass steel/water type. A typing that is very unique which makes Piplup a force to be reckoned with!

  • Sprigatito

Sprigatito is a new addition, but it has already has become a fan favorite in the Pokemon community, fans are dying to see what this cute cat evolves into. Hope it doesn't evolve into something bipedal.

A Tier

  • Fuecoco

Fuecoco might be a newbie, but the Pokemon has a very unique design to it. Many are speculating that it, might evolve into a Fire/ghost starter!

  • Sobble

The sad little Pokemon that evolves into a confident secret agent? I don’t think I need to make a case for why sobble deserves to be in the A Tier.

  • Mudkip

The third generation probably gave us the best starters designs after the original generation. Mudkip is a great all-rounder and its unique typing makes it even better.

  • Rowlet

Rowlet got a revamp with the latest Legends game, and we’re loving it!

  • Turtwig

Turtwig is a great all-rounder to have on any team, it might be slow, but it packs a punch!

B Tier

  • Scorbunny

Scorbunny had a great concept and was excited very well. But apart from that, nothing much is very unique about it. 

  • Froakie

Froakie evolves into the menacing greninja which has an awesome shiny form. It has a cool set of moves as well.

  • Litten

Litten is a cute fiery cat, and that’s what made it so special. But for some reason, it evolves into a bipedal Pokemon. I get the wrestler theme, but the design is not that great as compared to others.

  • Totodile

Totodile is yet another Pokemon that, many fans have mixed opinions on, some love it and some hate it, so we put it in the mid-tier.

  • Quaxly

Quaxly is yet aonther starter from gen 9 and not a lot is known about it. 

C Tier

  • Chikorita

Great deisgn, but lacks battle prowess

  • Fennekin

Again, a bipedal fire type.

  • Snivy

Where did his arms and legs go?

  • Grookie

Great concept, bad execution

D Tier

  • Oshawott

Weirdest starter design choice ever made in Pokemon. 

  • Tepig

Once agaib, a bipedal fire type, stop it already!

  • Poplio

A lot more was expected from this Pokemon.

  • Chespin

Don't know a single player who would defend this Pokemon.

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