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Top 10 Pokemon Youtubers by subscriber count 2022!

The world of Pokemon is vast, and its fandom stretches even beyond what the Pokemon company has created. Millions of Pokefans around the globe regularly engage in Pokemon-related activities, events, watch Pokemon content, and play Pokemon games; it is almost like an ecosystem!

One such part of this ecosystem is the Pokemon content creators, Pokemon Youtubers or Poketubers to be precise. These Poketubers have been on the platform for years now, hyping up every single release from the Pokemon company and creating high-quality content for Pokemon, that too for free!

We decided to shed some light on these passionate folks and create this list. So without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Top 10 Poketubers!

10. Tyranitartube 819+ thousand 

We start our list with the infamous Tyranitartube, who has a whopping 819,000+ subscribers right now and expect this number to only increase when he makes a playthrough of Pokemon: Legends Arceus.

9. Dobbs 869+ thousand 

Next up, we have Dobbs, known for creating really engaging Pokemon videos. I just love watching all the weird mysteries and facts that Dobbs makes videos about. You won’t get bored even for a second on his channel; that’s how good the videos are!

8. Purple Rodri 886+ thousand 

Purple rodri was the go-to channel for any Pokemon playthrough from the past. He created a ton of great Pokemon series of the older Pokemon games. But sadly he has been inactive since a year; we hope he makes a comeback soon.

7. Adrive 909+ thousand 

The only channel you want to follow to know about the latest leaks and news. Adrive also does a lot of interesting Pokemon playthroughs and is known for his love for bug Pokemon in the game.

6. Poketips 946+ thousand 

From mere tips to play efficiently to insanely word glitches, Poketips is the channel for all the shenanigans. The YouTuber knows the Pokemon games very well and will surely keep you amused for a long time!

5. Munching Orange 1.27+ million

Munching Orange is a jack of all trades; he does some news, reactions, vlogs, and most importantly, gameplays. A worthy candidate to start of our top 5 on this list.

4. Leonhart 1.57+ million

Leonhart is probably one of the best Pokemon TCG YouTubers out there; his unboxing and opening videos are insanely popular. He knows how to keep the viewers engaged and has been at the forefront of the Poketuber community regarding the TCG.

3. MandJTV Pokevids 1.7+ million

MandJTV is an insanely popular Poketuber; he has been creating high-quality d engaging content for years now. His core audience is very dedicated, and he gets many views on every video. His channel has everything, Pokemon fans will ever want, speculations, news, facts, theories, vlogs, gameplays, and much more!

2. Maxmoefoepokemon 1.76+ million

At the runner-up position, we have Maxmoefoepokemon with a whopping 1.76 million subscribers as of January 2022. This number will only increase as the Pokemon TCG craze isn’t dying out anytime soon. The pack openings in Pokemon is a big part of the youtube community. People love such videos, and Maxmoefoepokemon knows to give people what they want.

1. Unlisted leaf 2.44+ million

Unlisted leaf is the undisputed king of the Poketube at the moment. He is way ahead of his competition with a whopping 2.44 million subs. Just like the second-place runner up, Unlisted leaf is also a Poketuber who does TCG packs openings and probably is the best and biggest one to do it now.

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