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Top 5 most exciting new features in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are just around the corner, and I know, like me, every other Pokemon fan on this planet cannot wait to get their hands on this game. But for those who aren’t excited yet, you will be after you read this article! We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the five most exciting new features in this new generation.

5. Terastal Pokemon

The new gimmick in this generation of Pokemon is terastalizing Pokemon. This grants Pokemon additional typing! So you can have a water/electric Pikachu!

4. 4 Player CO-OP

We had co-op in the last game, but it didn’t allow the players to explore the world together; in the new generation games, you can venture anywhere with three other players!

3. Rideable Legendary Pokemon

You can ride the cover art legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. And if the trailers are to be believed, you can expect to get these legendaries from day one.

2. 3 Different Stories!

In the past, we’ve had the villain team story arc along with our quest to become the region's champion. Along with these two stories, we will also get the Treasure Hunt in Scarlet and Violet; it will be truly amazing to see this new story unravel!

1. Truly Open World

Yes, you heard that right. Unlike those wild areas in Sword and Shield, we will be getting a truly open world. Pokemon Legends Arceus already have a glimpse of what this would look like, and we’re excited to see it in action.

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