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Where will Pokemon Generation 9 Take Place? 3 strongest candidates!

The 9th generation of Pokemon Games might get released this year, as it has been 3 years since the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. We won’t go into the details regarding why we think the game will release this year; you can simply read this - Why Pokemon Gen 9 will be released in 2022!

This blog post will give you compelling arguments on why we think Pokemon 9th gen will be set in the below-mentioned locations. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!


The Pokemon games have alternated between Europe and USA since they departed from the Japanese locations. Unnova was New York, Kalos was like France, Hawai is a US island, and Galar is based in the UK. So it only makes sense to go back to the US or even Canada.

Cities like Miami and Toronto can make the cut!


This one is a bit out there. The main series game set in India can have a lot of possibilities, given the diversity in culture in the subcontinent. But we haven’t seen any proof regarding this location; it is mere speculation from the community.

That being said, a main series game based in India can really rope in the Indian audience, which Nintendo has failed to capture!


Like India, China also seems like a perfect target for the next Pokemon games. There already is a huge fan base for Pokemon in China; they can capitalize on that. But as Japanese and Chinese culture is very similar to each other, tis game might look identical to the older main series games.

That being said, we can totally see a game based in the south asian countries happening. There are a lot of countries there, and the game can alternate between them. For example, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan,  Thailand, and Bangladesh can be many locations.

Especially Hong Kong, which has that neon cyber punk look that is really trendy right now.

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